Express / Paid Infographic Submission – $10.00 (one time fee)

We guarantee you that, your infographic listing will go live within 24 hrs (if the listing matches to Infographic portal submission guidelines) if you make an express submission of $10.00 (one time fee).

Payment type would be PayPal, you can find the PayPal payment button below the submission form.

Infographic submission terms and conditions

  • Title: Should be relevant to your infographic, should be informative.
  • Description or Short Summary: Should be unique (original) at least 150 words with proper informative about your infographic and topic. Please do not submit any promotional language content. It will be rejected.
  • Original Source of Infographic – Should be exact URL (link) where the original infographic is published.

For any issues related to submission or payments, please reach out us @ ”” or “” with the subject as Express Infographic Submission.

Benefits of express infographic submission:

  • Listing 24hrs: Your listing will go live within 24 hrs
  • Enhances  engagement: Your Infographic can get more engaging audience, if you have right  content, visuals, colors, and other design elements to capture the viewer’s attention and hold their interest.
  • Enhance shareability and back link: Your Infographic can be highly shareable, as they can be easily posted and shared on social media platforms and other online channels. This can help increase the reach and exposure of your content, as well as drive traffic back to your website from the link.

Overall, infographic portal is a powerful website. Whether you’re looking to educate, inform, or persuade your audience, listing in infographic portal can help you achieve your goals more effectively.

Why we are collecting fee for publishing infographic:

Main purpose of collecting the publishing fee is, for maintenance  expenses of infographic portal website. As a user, you would have noticed, we are not running any source of ads in the website. The purpose of not running ads is to provide quality infographical information to our audience.

We do have many expenses to run the website, like hosting, domain name registration, renewal, SSL certificates etc..  To face all this expenses, we are collecting this fee. Hope you have liked our website and happy to contribute some thing to run infographic portal for long time.

List of paid infographic submission sites:

There are many infographic websites that allow users to  submit infographics for a fee, here are few of them:

    1. Infographics Archive: A website that allows you to submit your infographic for paid.
    2. Cool Infographics: A website that features infographics on a wide range of topics and allows you to submit your infographic for consideration
    3. Infographic Journal : Welcomes the submission of quality Infographics
    4. Daily Infographic
    5. Infographic Bee
    6. ELearning Infographics:  Submit only education infographics
    7. Infographic site
    8. Infographic Love
    9. Industry Today
    10. Infographic Race
    12. Infographics Mania
    13. Infographics Zone
    14. Infographic Plaza


  1. Making an express submission is not that your infographic should be published mandatory.
  2. Infographic portal team retains the rights to publish or not your infographic, based on the requirements.
  3. We have all the rights to make necessary changes or editing your information that is submitted by you including titles, descriptions and even linking URLs.
  4. We deserve the rights to link back your right source link or any other link of your website.
  5. We deserve the rights to make your source link as nofollow if they are not trustworthy.
  6. We will refund your payment incase your infographic is not approved or published.

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