Giant Panda Fun Facts

This infographic aims to explore different fun facts of the super cute giant panda. It illustrates 5 fun facts that most people who love pandas will find interesting – for example, their eating habits and symbolism in ancient China. We handpicked these 5 fun facts from tons of panda bear facts on our website because we’re pretty sure that you didn’t know these facts before.

We created this infographic because we all love this adorable creature, and yet people know very little about them. More often than not, people only know that giant pandas are both cute and endangered, but they know nothing about their habits and lives! Bringing panda bear information to the public is our passion and we hope you will find this illustration interesting.

You’re more than welcome to share this infographic on social media like Facebook and Instagram – this will help us go further and bring the message of panda conservation to more people – thanks!


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