Best Healthy Animal Milk

Although cow’s milk is still the most popular milk, it’s declining in popularity with sales expected to drop by 27% by the year 2023 from 2013. But, is cow milk the healthiest animal milk?
We sought to answer this question and found the following takeaways:

  1. “Healthy” is a relative term when deciding which milk is the most appropriate for you. It all depends on what you are looking for, taste profile and food tolerances.
  2. Goat’s milk might be more attractive if one is sensitive to cow’s milk. It is good for babies to digest when compared to formulas based on cow milk.
  3. Buffalo milk is high in fat, protein and overall calories and consequently makes for an perfect drink if you want to bulk up.
  4. Camel milk, popular in the Middle east is believed to help boost the immune system
  5. Zebra milk, although not readily available is the closet to human milk

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