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How Extracurricular Activities Benefit You

Did you know that high school performance does not 100% guarantee your professional success? Apart from good grades, it’s vital to have versatile extra curriculars. Note that they should not dominate the studying but be a pleasant and valuable supplement. Why are extra curriculars important? They bring along countless benefits for your personal growth. Let’s go back to your future …

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What Are The Effects Of The Tea You Drink Daily?

In the throes of cold weather, hot tea quickly substitutes the beverages like juice or cocktail.¬† We consume this drink often not only because of its taste but because it is easily¬†prepared. Interesting that the variety of tea kinds and forms is fascinating. The same can be claimed about its effects. Tea can inspire or relax. It can be a …

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How Elearning Can Benefit Your Organisation

This infographic is a comprehensive guide on ‘How elearning can benefit your organization’. It explains the meaning of elearning and how it is beneficial than regular classroom programs for corporate training and compliance courses. Basically, elearning is learning or training by using internet, visual presentations and webinars. It can be used for on-boarding new employees, carrying out safety and HR …

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