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Smoking vs Vaping and Their Effects on the Environment

Ever since vaping has existed, it has been promoted a healthier alternative to smoking. There’s no doubt about the truth in that statement. But for our infographic we wanted to focus on the other negative impact of cigarettes: on the environment. In order to create an environmental feel, we relied on a lot of blue and green in the colour …

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Office Supplies That Should Be Seen On Your Desk

An office is an environment where people can both have fun and be stressed at the same. Fun in a sense of doing something that you love and being surrounded with amazing colleagues. It can also be stressful especially when workload starts to pile up and becomes overwhelming. As such, it is important to have a conducive environment that allows …

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10 Facts to Help You Save on Heating

A look at some of the most common ways we loose heat from our homes and how, with just a few small changes, we can stop it, save money and help the environment. With more and more people taking an interest in the environment and the effect our actions have on it this is a great way to do your …

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