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Financial Text Archiving – Wealth Managers Keys to Improve Text Message Engagement with Clients

Many wealth managers today tend to capture and record mobile SMS due to the strict industry and legal requirements. In compliance with the rules of SEC and FINRA text archiving requirements, they often forget to realize the real essence of text archiving. While common knowledge suggests that it could limit their potential, utilizing such platform is actually designed to enhance …

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Make Better Business Decisions – Perform a Detailed Financial Forecast (Infographic)

Financial forecasting is tedious, yet one of the most important undertakings in a business. Many entrepreneurs, managers, and business owners say that the time spent on creating a financial projection could be better spent on revenue-generating activities such as sales and marketing. Still, having a financial forecast is extremely crucial, and creating a detailed and well-thought one can give a …

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8 Realistic Financial Goals and Ways to Achieve Them

With so many things to do and so many places to see, your ATM, credit card, or even your wallet will be put to the test. Before accomplishing your life bucket list, you have to make sure your financial savings are all set not only to accommodate your wants but also prepare for the long term needs you would most …

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