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Fun With Flags


Here is a fascinating infographic produced by the people at UK Feather Flags that features lots of information about flags for you to enjoy. The design will teach you about things including the most popular layouts, the most popular flag symbols, the most popular colour combinations and the most often used number of colours. The infographic also imagines what a …

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Have a vacation full of fun – An exclusive guide for you!

New York Central Park for sightseeing is the most loved activity which makes everyone enjoys the vacations at best. For family trips, it is undoubtedly the best place because it gives you the opportunity of knowing about the history of NY and taking amazing pictures. Even though NY is a beautiful city of unexpected things and it is most loved, …

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5 Perfect Places to visit in the USA for Ultimate Christmas Fun

Well, we’re already in ‘Home for the Holidays’ now!! Yes! I am talking about the famous phrase that we usually use during December. But, nowadays, it has become more of a traveling season for the Americans and even the rest of the world. And, what adds to the wandering mood of travelers during this part of the year is nothing …

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Travelling with your E-cigarettes

Travelling is fun – it is a great opportunity to see new places, meet new people, know different cultures and communities, and learn more things about the world that we are not always exposed to. It’s even more fun when it becomes an opportunity for you to converge the things that you love doing, no matter how small or simple, …

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World’s Fun Translation Facts

What is your native language? English? German? Dutch? Or maybe all of it? Here are few nice statistic’s facts about languages and translation. Did you know that English, even it is an international language, is not spoken by majority of people around the world. What about, that more than 50% of people around the wor ld are bilingual. People still use …

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Air Conditioning Fun Facts, Science & History!

The invention of air cooling is intriguing. It did not begin with household comfort. It turned out invented to cool any printing press for business oriented use. It soon become apparent that cooling a residence would be more useful. This post provides some useful and fun a look at AC and it’s background. Infographic Source: http://www.andservices.com/blog/air-conditioning-fun-facts-science-history/

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