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Importance of Timely Grammar Check

It is well-known that people make mistakes. Nobody is perfect. We can make mistakes in our life, in our tests and also in our writing. We do not make them on purpose, it happens accidentally just because of our inattentiveness.  To avoid silly mistakes in your spelling and writing you should know the most common grammar mistakes, read some useful …

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Verb Grammar Rules: Your Complete Handbook

A verb is one of the most important parts of speech in English, next to nouns. They can describe physical actions like movement, less concrete actions like thinking and feeling. Verb grammar rules are very very important but unfortunately there are too many rules in English and for some people it seems to be unreal to know and remember all …

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How Grammar Correction Can Change Your Life

Have you ever thought how grammar can change your life? Grammar one of the most important things in education, business and everyday life. What do you think will happen, if you will send resume or business letter or write essay with grammar mistake? Right, you will not get a job, you will not get a business partner, you will not …

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