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Learn Through Play; 7 Skills You Can Teach Through Fun Activities

Getting through life successfully requires some skills. Some we learn in school, while there are those that are best taught by our first teachers—our parents. Truth be told, children—especially those who are in their playful and exploring age—would not want to sit still or listen to a boring lecture. They’d rather be moving around and discovering things for themselves. This …

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How To Play Cornhole

This is a summary of the most important cornhole rules and regulations. These rules consist of four main parts: Scoring, Equipment, Gameplay and Field regulations. In order to play cornhole, you’ll need: 8 cornhole bags and 2 cornhole boards. Each team needs to have four bags and each bag must be made out of different color. Bags are thrown alternately …

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Different Types of Kids Play

Playing in kids today’s generation has most likely the same way of playing during the past decades. They find fun in playing pretends, dressing up like fairies, princess, police or superheroes. They also love make-up conversation with their dolls, army men, action figures or making phone calls as if they are talking to someone. Play is essential in kids’ development …

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