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What is the Presidential Alert System? And Why is it Important?

Have a look at this detailed Infographics created by Cibirix – Digital Marketing Agency. Listed below are some talking points which implies how this system works. Who is transferring the message? The Federal Emergency Management Agency, in the organization with the Federal Communications Commission, arranges a countrywide test of the Wireless Emergency Alerts system on handsets, radio & TV. When …

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Guide to the 2016 Vice Presidential Race

As the race to the 2016 National Elections comes to a close, have you chosen your candidate for the second highest post in the government? Political advertisements and campaign materials bombard our TV screens, newspapers and radio stations all for the hopes of winning the hearts of the Filipinos and swaying them to their individual causes. We have six notable …

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Presidential Personality

Two Ph.D.’s in brain research concluded that they needed to make the world’s most generally inquired about database on the personalities of the U.S. presidents in order for people to start taking personality tests seriously. To do this, they reached out to the world’s premier specialists on the U.S. presidents and requested that they sort the personalities of the various …

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