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7 Critical Steps to Developing Your First Amazing Product

Many people would have you believe that developing a product from the idea that you have in your head into a physical reality that you can hold in your hands must be something incredibly expensive, complicated, time-consuming, and difficult. But the honest truth is that developing a product from concept to reality is actually not that hard. You don’t have …

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How To Select Licensing Model

Labs64 NetLicensing enables you to monetize your products and services by licensing them to companies or individuals. The basic premise of licensing is that it enables you to make your product or service available to as many people as possible, through a payment system that makes it affordable but which also enables you to make a healthy profit. This infographic …

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When the Price Is Just Right: 6 Consumer Research Findings on Product Pricing

Consumer research is very much important to finalize the price for your products. Price of the products plays significant role and impact the sales directly. Check this infographic to know six consumer research findings that uncover how best you can use pricing to boost sales or improve customer satisfaction. Infographic Source: http://www.tomfanelli.com/when-the-price-is-just-right-6-consumer-research-findings-on-product-pricing/

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