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What Pet Door Size Should You Buy?

Determining the dimensions of a Pet Door is the most crucial factor that you need to consider before buying the ideal door for your pet. Well, we just made it easier for you! Choose the most suitable size of the pet door with a strong consideration of the breed of your pet. In case you have more than one pet, …

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Does Brain Size Matter

If there is any correlation between brain size and intelligence? The answer is no, otherwise elephant would be the smartest animal on the planet. However, studies show that brain size normalized on a body mass and brain complexity result in a higher intelligence. Please see infographic made by healthcare volunteer Yoshi Perera who likes to contribute content on a popular …

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How to find a perfect desk size

Since it is true that modern men and women spend countless hours behind their desks, sitting nearly motionless in their chairs, it is safe to assume that every single aspect concerning their office desk affects them greatly. Apart from the office related work, because we live in an era of computers, internet and social networks, it is also as safe …

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