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Signs of Diabetes in Women

Diabetes affects both men and women, and affects people from a very young age to a very old age. However, there are differences in diabetic outcome when comparing men and women. The rate of death for men with diabetes dropped between 1971 and 2000. However, this was only seen in men. The death rate for diabetic women was not decreased …

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Know Your Asthma Symptoms!

According to the CDC, 8.6% of children in the U.S. (6.3 million) suffer from asthma. Emergency room visits from young children suffering an asthma attack can make up to one fifth of all the visits. This infographic will help others to understand what is going on inside the body during an asthma attack, and how this looks as a symptom at different …

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Symptoms of infection by adware

Adware can be very annoying. Everyone knows it, but not everyone can get rid of adware. To clean your computer from adware, you need to notice that your computer is infected. For this it is necessary to scan the system using special tools. If you do not want to install additional software, it will be enough to understand how adware …

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