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What is Tokenization and How Does it Work?

What is Tokenization and How Does it Work

On average, it costs a business $4.24 million if they have a data breach. Most companies can’t afford to spend $4.24 million. Entrepreneurs and business leaders don’t have time to mess around with online security. Firewalls, employee training, and anti-virus programs all help security, but businesses can take it a step further with tokenization. Tokenization is confusing at the surface, …

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Data Breaches and Tokenization

Google pay, Apple pay, PayPal, and old fashioned swipe machines…As we use technology to handle monetary transaction online or offline, we reveal some critical data such as credit card and even social security numbers to various bodies involved in the process. Hackers are becoming better at finding ways to break into even the most sophisticated layers of security put in …

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