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Mobile Internet For Travelers

What do families on vacation have in common? At least one person has an internet-connected device. With the desire to stay in touch with families and friends at the swipe of the screen, WiFi connections are one of the most sought-after amenities. When you’re on the road in an RV or on the water in a boat, you no longer …

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Public Transit & Mobile WiFi: Millennials Lead the Way

Internet connectivity and high quality transportation are among the top aspects that Millennials seek in a commute and their daily lives. As the largest generation in the U.S., Millennials also top the charts when it comes to public transit ridership, urban residents and using more than one mode of transportation to reach a destination. Public transportation lures in even more …

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The Drive for School Bus WiFi Gets in Gear

On average, kids are 12 years of age when they receive their first mobile device. However, 38% of children under 2 years of age have used a mobile device! Here we take a look at a technology that could be beneficial to school-aged children who ride a school bus – bus WiFi. School buses that are equipped with mobile WIFi …

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