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15 Common Kinds of Wood and What They’re Used For

An infographic detailing various kinds of popular woods and their uses. Soft woods like pine, spruce, fir, teak, and cedar. Hard woods like oak, poplar, ash, beech, alder, balsa, cherry, mahony, and maple. Finally, even composite wood pulp is discussed. By the infographic’s ends, you should have a very good sense of which woods would be appropriate for which uses …

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Wood Planer Buying Guide

What to Look For in a Wood Planer These are what experienced woodworkers say are important to check when you look at different wood planers: Machine accuracy Ease of setting knives accurately Cutter presets Ability to collect dust In addition there are many features available depending on the type you choose and how much money you want to spend.’ A …

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How to Maintain Wood Windows in Old Houses

There are few buildings as charming as a beautiful old house. They usually ooze character, even when they look like they are in need of repair. However, you will probably find the falling-to-pieces look less desirable when you actually own the old house and have to live in it. Therefore it will be in your best interest to maintain all …

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