10 Most Precious Gemstones

Gemstones have an allure that is difficult to escape. Be it the popular ones like a diamond, ruby, sapphire or lesser known grandidierite, serendibite, alexandrite or jeremejevite, their sparkle enriches any jewellery piece. When you have coveted pieces, jewellery valuations for insurance is a must.
Scarcity makes gemstones highly sought after and costly. Their colour and lustre make them valuable. Some of these gems take billions of years to form. Specific geological conditions lead to the formation of such precious stones.
You all know about diamond which is the crystalline form of carbon. This most sought after stone is formed under high pressures. When it comes to coloured gemstones, ruby and sapphire are the most popular ones.
The colour of ruby is red and it is due to chromium that replaces aluminium in the crystal structure. Similarly, all gemstones have a specific colour as per their crystal structure. Have you heard of a red diamond? There are less than 30 red diamonds across the globe.
If you want to know more about treasured gemstones, stay tuned, we’ll let you know about the features, price and place of origin of poudretteite, musgravite, red beryl, taaffeite and more such coveted stones.
Here we present an infographic guide for gemstone enthusiasts interested to gain knowledge about ten most precious stones. Keep reading.
10 Most Precious Gemstones
Infographic Source: https://prestigevaluations.blogspot.com/2020/04/how-much-is-your-stuff-worth.html 

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