10 Obscure Alcoholic Drinks Worth Tasting

If you are bored with the same old selection of alcoholic drinks that you commonly find at parties, and if you’re willing to try something new the next time you go out, explore the options that are presented in the “10 Obscure Alcoholic Drinks Worth Tasting” infographic. Here you’ll learn interesting things about the French “elixir of long life” called chartreuse, Japanese umeshu that can warm you up during cold winter days, Sardinian mirto that is best served cold in a shot glass, metaxa – the first alcoholic drink that was consumed in space, Italian disaronno that is made out of 17 different spices and herbs, suze which is the most popular aperitif in France, and a few more beverages that will certainly spark your interest. The graphic will also teach you how these drinks are best served and whether to consume them during the day, at night, as an aperitif or as a shot. Enjoy!Alcoholic Drinks
Infographic Source: http://beveragelabels.net/less-known-alcoholic-beverages

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