10 Ways to Motivate Students

Motivating students can be one of the most difficult aspects of education, and in recent years even harder than before. Today’s students are faced with more and more distractions than ever before. Classroom sizes are bigger, there’s more technological devices than ever before, and the earth’s population shows no signs of slowing down. With all of these factors in place, how are you as an educator supposed to reign in your students and get them to focus, and retain the information from your classroom? This infographic lays out in a fun and easy to digest structure 10 ways to reach your students in the classroom.

  1. Encourage communication
  2. Establish a relationship & high expectations
  3. Set objectives
  4. Make it applicable to real life
  5. Use cooperative learning
  6. Utilize peer instruction
  7. Change your teaching style for different learning styles
  8.  Ditch the bubble tests
  9. Try “”Deliberative Practice””
  10. Try a “”Flipped Classroom””

Follow the infographic as it digs into these 10 ways and hopefully your students stay motivated in the future!
10 Ways to Motivate Students
Infographic Source: https://findyourcontext.education/blog/infographic/10-ways-to-motivate-students-infographic/

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