11 Florist POS System Features Every Florist Should Have

The point-of-sale system has gone through a major transformation over the years. The days of cash-only transactions have now transitioned to payment processing terminals that can handle credit cards and other forms of contactless payment. Many systems now integrate advanced features into their software to meet the needs of business owners in distinct, niche industries. The floral industry is no different, where flexibility to adapt one’s point-of-sale software to modern concerns and a digital environment that relies highly on e-commerce websites is important.
Floranext highlights 11 florist POS system features that every florist should have when running their physical and online store, including the ability to optimize route deliveries and capture sender sentiments with a personalized message. They also present the differences between more outdated systems and modern equipment. For example, most platforms have become entirely cloud-based for remote access rather than downloadable on a local server.
Look-up functions for products and physical addresses are now also quick and effortless with the incorporation of touchscreen interfaces with auto-population search fields. Further, much of the hardware requirements are more manageable, allowing staff and management to use their own equipment like their current desktop computer, laptop, or mobile device, instead of paying excessive amounts of money for less adaptable technology.
In general, companies still relying on older point-of-sale systems are undeniably missing out on the growing advantages of newer platforms that can better service customers, boost engagement, and ensure quicker, more reliable transactions. Updating one’s system regularly and closely researching the most innovative features can assist a company in evolving with the contemporary trends of the professional florist industry.
Infographic Source: https://floranext.com/florist-pos-system-features-every-florist-should-have-infographic/

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