Techbuzz 101: 12 Efficient Content Marketing Tools Guide

The best way to build an effective brand awareness is through content marketing. Content marketing is also an exceptional way to connect with the readers and customers. Now that the competition is getting tougher, content marketing needs more than just a compelling content.
Content marketing is not very easy although it is very effective. Creating a useful marketing strategy requires serious work and can be challenging.
However, some efficient tools which experts in the industry like Johnny Chen Internet Marketing uses that can make the process a lot easier. Using them can easily create contents that will be actionable, informative, useful, and significant for the readers.
1. Buffer
A Buffer is a social media scheduler which manages the timing of the posts on social media down to the second. It seamlessly combines with all of the large names in social networks, including several smaller niche ones too.
It authorizes to schedule and shares content on all of the marketer’s social profiles with a single form. It organizes and streamlines content marketing efforts so that content marketers can focus on creating their next storyline.
2. Quuu
Quuu is a tool which provides carefully selected content suggestions. It enables marketers to promote their content to Buffer. Through this tool, they can pick content categories related to their audience and their niche.
Quuu can send curated content to their account in Buffer automatically. Quuu will assist in creating a curated content and share it through the Buffer account if Buffer can not suggest contents.
With the tough competition of getting page views, it has never been more crucial to be one of the first individuals to cover a subject that has a big potential to be viral. Many content marketers like Johnny Chen Internet Marketing probably already know that the responsibility of manually recognizing content with a potential of being viral is time-consuming and useless. However, can make it easier.
The program currently analyses and evaluates over two million pages every day, and authorizes custom tracking of any page with an RSS feed. By publishing it within fifteen minutes, the program can recognize content that has viral potential in any vertical defined by the users. The Almighty Force Algorithm of goes far beyond just to analyze engagement metrics, and it checks at the nature of what makes a content viral.
Using infographics is another excellent way to increase the success of the content. Marketers will attain more than what a thousand words can do with infographics since there is no other better way to give information than with a very recognizable visual image. And to achieve it, anyone can utilize because it enables marketers to make infographics and share them online without problems.
Regardless of what they want to do, they can make an option for the thousands of templates that are accessible for utilizing with a drag-and-drop ability to fill out the selected template with their write-up. If content marketers have a better template, they can upload it and use it to create incredible infographics.
5. Grammarly
Ten years ago, web users and audiences would have possibly accepted some grammatical errors in a site’s content without thinking too much about it. However, today’s readers are more perceptive, and they expect contents to have a perfect grammar for reliability.
A simple error is very easy to make, particularly when a publisher is already under pressure to analyze a topic that is trending as soon as possible. It is a free browser extension tool which can scan any text input for grammatical errors and spellings automatically. It is much more than a regular spell check which is already available in most word processors and browsers.
6. BuzzSumo
BuzzSumo is king when it comes to analytics. This tool is highly competent in figuring out which of the competitors are doing well. And it provides a list of the most trending content on the internet that has the same keywords, the best social marketers, the top ranking, and more.
This knowledge is capable of helping to write blog posts that will be proportionate, if not better, than your competitors.
7. Outbrain
It is only worth researching and creating content if people can find it and read it. If the organic reach is lacking slightly, there is a need to have a little boost with Outbrain.
If content marketers use Outbrain already, there is possibly a good chance that they’ve seen their content syndication on different websites frequently, and their ads are seemingly displayed everywhere.
One of the largest content syndication networks is Outbrain, and they also have a huge reach. It allows publishers to get their content in front of top targeted visitors in almost any vertical. The easy-to-use and intuitive platform will enable them to promote a bit of content just within a few minutes of setting up a campaign.
8. HubSpot
Hubspot is a household name for marketers. HubSpot has enough features to process all of their tasks. They have excellent customer support, and it also has other useful platforms for generating useful blog posts, landing pages, and other marketing techniques.
HubSpot also includes capabilities for scheduling messages and social media analytics. Such social media willingness will have a positive result on their brand because the customers will more likely appreciate getting up-to-date information regularly.
Excellent and high-quality images are known to have a long-lasting effect on readers. That is why a lot of content marketers rely on Photoshop to create good images for their blog posts. GIMP is the best choice for an alternative tool to edit images. It is free and has all the elements that could make image editing easy and impressive.
There are features for building composite images, creating new images, and retouching photos. By using GIMP, the blog posts will be more attractive to the customers and interpretive to more readership and success for marketers.
10. Tweroid
Sharing the greatest content in the world at the wrong time won’t make the article reach its maximum viral potential. It’s vitally important to know what specific time of the day the audience is most active on social media.
Tweriod is an effective, useful little tool which plans to discover what time of the day is it best to share content on Twitter. It is free for up to one thousand followers and provides a premium analytics service. Tweriod could examine what time there will be many active followers on Twitter and analyzes the time of day the previous posts have best performed.
It normally takes not more than five minutes and comes out in a directly delivered report to the inbox. The report can give a simple outline of what time of day marketers should pay attention to their social sharing efforts. Although basing the information from Twitter, it’s fair and sensible to assume that their other social profiles also follow the same pattern.
11. Mailchimp
After getting a good product or service, most marketers would want to share it to almost all of their audience as much as possible. It might be quite challenging if the readers are not in one place. What if there are some international customers? How to notify them if there are new products or services?
One of the easiest and quickest ways to get in touch with the audience is through email. Through sending a good message to different customers, it will build awareness for whatever the marketers want to provide them.
Mailchimp is a program that will make it very easy to send just one message to thousands of individuals without any delivery delay. The efficiency and speed of Mailchimp in delivering such messages makes it an essential for any marketer.
Mailchimp is an astounding list building program as it offers marketers the opportunity to send email campaigns, track responses of your customers, and set up mailing lists. Just set up directly an RSS feed into Mailchimp from a blog, to automatically send blog posts to a mailing list. In that way, it will assure that all people on a list of mail will always get updated information.
12. Oktopost
Oktopost is another tool for social media, particularly designed for business to business marketers. Oktopost enables them to share and schedule content to various social media platforms. Oktopost has a more comprehensive analytic for content shared in LinkedIn Groups, unlike other tools for social media.
Marketers who are more focused on tapping into an audience in Linkedin, Oktopost authorizes to share contents in groups using various profiles. Oktopost also enables to estimate the performance of content shared on different platforms including conversions, comments, and clicks.
If there are some issues with marketing, these content marketing solutions are imperative. The outcome of utilizing them far exceeds the process of getting to know how to use them effectively. It is necessary not to forget that the customers are the primary foundation of every success. Effective content is a key to appeal to their needs, to relate to them, and to get to them. By using these tools, marketers will be well on their way to have better content that will support a healthy relationship with all the readers and audience.
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