12 Signs That You Have an Overtired Baby

As if taking care of a baby isn’t hard enough, most parents do not realize that they are actually handling an overtired baby.
Your baby might be overtired if he is having trouble falling asleep. He might refuse to rest because his body already succeeded the suggested time period of sleep. And the more this condition worsens, the harder it is for your baby to go to sleep. Furthermore, his body’s stress response system is triggered leading to a surge of cortisol and adrenaline in the bloodstream which makes it hard for him to relax.
Overtiredness can become a recurring problem and worsen your baby’s status. But this issue can be avoided if you quickly identify the signs that your baby is overtired.
Want to know the indicators? This infographic from Nurture Parenting, the baby sleep training specialist in Australia, tells you about the 12 signs that you have an overtired baby.
12 Signs That You Have an Overtired Baby
Infographic Source: https://nurtureparenting.com.au/signs-overtired-baby/

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