The 14 Most Amazing Facts about Houston

The fourth-most populated city in the US, Houston attracts families and professionals from wide and far. People from all over the world come to enjoy this Texan metropolis, giving it the highest rates of ethnic and racial diversity in the country. The city is young (in terms of its population), vibrant, exciting, and a hotspot for Fortune 500 companies, hosting the headquarters of 21 of them.
Houston is also one of the largest US cities by area, larger in area than NYC, Boston, and San Francisco combined, and the International Space Station phone even uses a Houston area code. From the world’s largest rodeo, to a theater district spanning 17 blocks, to more than 150 museums of all kinds, Houstonians have a wealth of options to enjoy their time after a meal out on the town, as Houstonians eat out more often than the rest of the country. Check out these 14 amazing facts about this sprawling, culturally rich city.
14 Most Amazing Facts about Houston
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