15 Biggest Websites Startup Designs and Today

It is true that good things don’t comme easy in the lap. Hard work and patience is required to acheive such success. In this inforgraphics you can see how the world famous websites use to look in their early days and how they have grown with the pasage of time and have modified their website design. Some sites have changed drastically and some sites will really surprise you. This infographics covers the most popular sites like Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Yahoo, Pinterest and many more.
“Rome was not built in a day.” This is a world famous proverb which shows the fact that remarkable things are never made in a day. It takes time hard work and patience to reach the top.
This infographic is a depiction of how 15 of the biggest and world famous online enterprises started out as compared to how they look today. Looking at some might surprise you, as they have not changed their looks.Most Popular Websites
Infographic Source: http://www.cloudways.com/blog/how-15-of-the-most-popular-websites-looked-initially-as-compared-to-today/

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