15 Most Expensive Photographs Ever Sold

How much is a photograph worth? The answer to this question depends not only on who you ask, but also on who took the photograph and the story it tells.

Photographs may not hold the same magic they once did now that most of us take hundreds of photos in any given week, but that’s not to say there’s no money to be made in photography.

In fact, a lucky few photographers have even managed to earn seven figure sums with a single photo. Of course, photographs from particular eras or years may be worth more simply because of their historical value, but most of the photographs that have been auctioned off for huge sums of money are works of art rather than mere photos.

Are you curious to find out what the expensive photographs have in common? Check out this infographic to learn the story behind the 15 most expensive photographs ever sold.

15 Most Expensive Photographs Ever Sold

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