17 Cross-Country Safety Tips for Travelling Alone in Europe

Planning your solo trip? You should definitely consider touring in Europe! It’s definitely one of the best places to go when travelling alone as it has a great public transportation system, is very backpacker-friendly, and the home of the friendliest locals. Europe is also relatively small so you can definitely cover ground in just several days or weeks.
But before you have the best time of your life and satisfy your inner wanderlust, it’s important to know that while travelling alone in Europe is relatively safe, there would still be unexpected and unfortunate circumstances waiting to happen. For one, you should always pay attention to your bag as thieves are common in the big cities.
To learn more about how to stay safe during your solo trip to Europe, take a look at this infographic presented by ETIAS CA, an independent platform offering ETIAS visa assistance. Here are 15 cross-country safety tips for travelling alone.
17 Cross-Country Safety Tips for Travelling Alone in Europe

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