The Online Classroom: 17 eLearning Statistics You Should Know

Technology is developing at an extremely rapid rate. Now that we are living in a digital age, anyone with a stable connection to the internet can easily gain access to information and communicate with anyone at their own convenience.

Thanks to the arrival of instant messaging platforms, video-conferencing software, and other relevant programs, teachers and students can now engage beyond the four corners of the classroom.

Online learning is at an all-time high and is continuously gaining traction. With relatively lower costs, time flexibility, and other practical benefits, it’s no surprise that students and professionals alike have fully embraced the medium. Even with the lack of physical contact, there are some notable aspects of online learning that give it a clear-cut advantage over traditional education methods.

These strong points have been extremely evident during the past few months. With the world continuing to face the impact brought upon by COVID-19, it is expected that more individuals and institutions will transition to this kind of set-up.

Understanding the benefits and opportunities online learning brings to the table starts with being aware of its impact. To give you a better picture, the guide below will discuss 17 eLearning statistics you should know.

17 eLearning Statistics

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