The 2017 Email Marketing Field Guide: The Best Times and Days to Send Your Message and Get It Read

Finding information on the best day and time to send email can be frustrating. There are several articles on the subject and so many come to differing conclusions.
This is because the data is inconsistent based on the variables involved.
When reaching out to people, it’s important to consider who they are and what they’re doing. a B2B specific audience is going to yield different results than a B2C community. Within those B2B and B2C audiences, you’ll find different work ethics, hours of availability, and access to email. It’s important to look at these variables separately to make overall determinations.
Furthermore, studies differ in what constitutes a successfully sent email. There are cases that cite email open rates, while others focus on clicks, while still others measure by which emails yield an actual response. Almost none of these studies properly parse all of these topics to give you information specific to your audience, industry, or goals.
We wanted to take a different approach to this quandary than that of our predecessors and tackle the hodgepodge of particulars already available. By marrying some of the data and concentrating on different types of people (people that check their email only at work, people that check their email constantly, and people that check occasionally, but may not keep the Internet at their fingertips), we could further break down the data into opens, clicks, and responses, resulting in a baseline for these respective groups.
We compiled our findings into a user-friendly visual guide. While it stands that real concrete results still elude us, hopefully, the conclusions addressed in The 2017 Email Marketing Field Guide will serve as the groundwork for your future email campaigns and outreach ventures.
2017 Email Marketing Field Guide
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