2019 B2B and B2C Content Marketing Statistics

Content marketing plays an important role for every business that has it’s own little planet (or star) in the big online galaxy. It would take us a few light-years to name all the ways you can benefit from providing your audience with stellar content, as there are so many.
Have you ever asked yourself why people always go back to certain brands? Long time ago, world’s greatest marketing experts have discovered how to attract the right people and turn them into loyal customers.
New ways of alluring customers with great content are emerging every day. That’s why it’s vital to keep up with the trends. This infographic contains all the fresh B2B and B2C content marketing statistics that show what you can do today to improve your online presence.
2019 B2B and B2C Content Marketing Statistics
Infrographic Source: https://www.pointvisible.com/blog/content-marketing-statistics-2019/

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