25 Summer Skincare Tips You Probably Don’t Know About

Summer is finally here. Some of us may have plans to go to the beach or get the family together for a relaxing swimming pool party. It is simply the best time to go out and enjoy the sun. However, it is during summer that our skin needs extra care and protection. Too much sun exposure can lead to various skin issues like pigmentation, premature ageing, and acne. Without proper skincare, these issues may happen.
Good to know, there are many ways to protect and nourish your skin even under the sun. All you need is a good skin care routine & the right kind of products.
dr. dream wants to help you prepare before you catch some rays, and to do that you need to learn some useful information that will help you get the protection you need from the sun. Below is an infographic about the essential summer skin care routines that you should not forget to do.
Summer Skincare Tips

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