30 LinkedIn Facts We Bet You Didn`t Know

Did you know that if LinkedIn was a country it would be the 3rd biggest country in the World, or that there are more than 5.5 Million Accountants using the site worldwide? More than 35% of Its membership is comprised by 25-34-year-olds and there are just above 39 Million Students on LinkedIn as of this date!

LinkedIn is increasingly been used by both job seekers and recruiters, business owners and students, aspiring baristas and PhD Degree holders, all of them making it a unique kind of place. This diversity helps in the encouraging of a sharing culture, which is that more valuable as the community grows with a rate of almost 2 new subscriptions per second! That`s not far behind the actual increase of the world total population (which is 2.5 per second by the way!)

Following are some 30 LinkedIn Facts that will help you understand the vastness of the most popular online business networking site to date.

LinkedIn Facts

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