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35 random facts about hair and hair removal

Hair is one of the most visible parts of our bodies – but whether your hair is short, long, straight or wavy these fun hair facts apply to just about everybody. Beautishe, has recently released an infographic that visualizes the reality on hair regrowth and hair removal. The infographic graphic highlights some interesting statistics about human hair, popular hair removal products, and services and also the costs. Every year, hundreds of thousands of men and women seek treatment to remove undesired hair from the arms, face, legs, back, chest, belly, underarms, and bikini line. Based on these new figures, the popularity of hair removal treatments in the USA will keep growing each year. Laser hair removal is a sort of painless option to shaving, waxing or electrolysis and will result in the long-lasting hair reduction in the number of body or facial hairs. Glance over this informative infographic on hair removal to see how this procedure has been growing in popularity in the USA among both men and women.

facts about hair and hair removal

Infographic Source: https://beautishe.com/hair-removal-facts/

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