4 Best Cuts of Steak

This is about 4 of, what we consider, to be the best cuts of steak that cow provides!
Including Ribeye, Strip, Tenderloin, T-Bone.
However it also gives you a brief overview about how to cook them, e.g. grill, broil etc, and also what sauces you can use to compliment them.
All of this was researched by myself as a food lover, but also from a personal friend who was an executive chef in a previous life.
The reason I created this infographic is because I noticed that there are quite a few articles on the internet about this, but all in a kind of dry, boring rundown. I thought why not make the info into easily digestible, (get it!) chunks so it becomes more interesting.Best-Cuts-of-Steak
Infographic Source: http://www.thekitchenguy.net/4-best-cuts-of-steak/

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