4 Ways To Fireproof Your Server Room

Having rows of running electronics piled into one room can pose a significant fire hazard without the right accommodations. As a result, you may have some anxieties about leaving your server room unattended. You cannot sit and babysit your server equipment day and night, nor should you feel like you have to. Instead, utilize the following options to keep your server room from catching fire.
Ways To Fireproof Your Server Room
Organize Wires
Overheated wires definitely increase the risk of a fire breaking out. By practicing good wire management methods, you can eliminate this risk altogether. You can carefully run the wires from each piece of equipment using the shortest route. Make sure you do not have any extra wire length to deal with by carefully measuring this distance beforehand. To keep the wires organized, strap adjacent wires together using hook and loop tape or cable ties.
Use Vented Racks
The racks you choose to hold your servers play a huge role in the equipment’s ability to shed excess heat. Vented rack solutions allow heat to flow away from the equipment, which drastically lowers the temperatures inside the room. By controlling room temperatures, you eliminate hot spots that could pose a fire risk. Make sure the vents are located near the fans on your servers for the best results. Otherwise, you may need to adjust the position of your server to take advantage of the gaps in the server racks.
Monitor Temperatures
Keep a close eye on temperatures throughout your server room using a real-time monitoring system. Set the system to alert you to drastic changes in the room temps, so you can make adjustments as needed. If vents are blocked with dust or debris, you will notice temperatures rise in that section of the server rack. You can go in and clear out the blockage to return temperatures to normal and prevent a fire from breaking out.
Replace Defective Equipment
If you clear out the vents and still have a temperature control problem in that region, the fans in your server case may be defective or inefficient. You can switch out the fans for brand new units to see if that drops temperatures into a reasonable range. You may also want to upgrade the fan size to keep your server room temperatures as low as possible. Never ignore the failure of a fan or other pieces of cooling equipment as it could directly damage the internal server components.
Be Prepared
By paying close attention to the above areas, you are likely to prevent a serious fire. Even though you are taking measures to prevent a fire, you still need to stay prepared for that event. Outfit your server room with fire extinguishers rated for electrical fires.
You can install a fireproof door on the server room to keep flames from breaching the room’s perimeter and making their way into the rest of the building. Fit the room with an alarm that directly links to an outside monitoring system for instant response times. You want to make sure you can put out small fires before they consume all of your equipment in that area.
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