4 Ways to Prevent Blocked Drains

Blocked drains is problem of every house. When the drain in your kitchen gets blocked, it can be a nightmare. Hair clogs is One of the most common reasons of blocked drains in every house. There are many ways to unblock a drains.

Probably the cheapest way of maintaining the health of your drain, a drain strainer is a device that restricts prohibited items from entering your drainage system and creating blockages. Also known as a drain screen or drain gate, the device is available for a variety of sink types and sizes and is a must-have for all households.

Just simple things like removing stuff like hair and other debris from the drain every now and then can prevent blockages. Using baking soda and flushing it down with a bucket full of steaming hot water gets rid of sticky debris. Doing these things ensures your drain remains devoid of odour and flows freely.

Infographic Source: https://bdsdrainage.co.uk/4-ways-to-prevent-blocked-drains-infographic/

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