40 Filipino Superstitions that You Need to Know during Funerals and Wakes

Even in this modern day and age, many Filipinos live their daily lives being guided by superstitions. These include constructing staircases whose stairs don’t end in multiples of threes, or saying “tabi tabi po” when passing anthills and balete trees. Of course, Filipinos also have superstitions for funerals and wakes.

This superstitious provides mourners with an interesting way of showing respect during these solemn occasions. Some people follow these folk beliefs simply out of tradition, wanting to stay in good graces with other visitors and older relatives. Others genuinely want to avoid bringing more misfortune onto the grieving family.

Many Filipino superstitions involving funerals and wakes are widely practiced until today. You may have heard of mourners avoiding red clothes or visiting malls before heading home from a funeral. There are also several superstitions that have been since forgotten, though. For example, did you know that pregnant women should avoid looking into the coffin, or that mourners should visit only one wake in a day? There’s even a superstition related to the flowers used during the wake!

It helps to know about the possible superstitions that the bereaved family may be following, so as to remain respectful while expressing sympathies. Take a look at these 40 Filipino superstitions during funerals and wakes.

40 Filipino Superstitions that You Need to Know during Funerals and Wakes
Infographic Source: https://www.flowerpatchdelivery.com/blog/40-filipino-superstitions-funerals-and-wakes/

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