476 Ways to Avoid Saying Said

What’s the easiest way to indicate that your characters are speaking? “Said” is by far the most effective and least obtrusive dialogue tag. However, excessive use of “said” can lead to a boring and monotonous dialogue with little expression. To add necessary emotion or flavor to the scene, you have to use other terms as necessary.
In a suspenseful scene where the characters have to be careful not to be heard, “said” is certainly not as appropriate as “whispered.” Similarly, in a heated, emotionally charged fight between lovers, “shrieked” or “hollered” conveys the scene much more effectively than “said.”
If you need something more expressive than “said” but aren’t sure what the perfect word for your situation is, this detailed chart can help you. Here are 476 alternatives to “said.”
476 Ways to Avoid Saying Said
Infographic Source: https://www.proofreadingservices.com/pages/said-infographic

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