The 5 Most Reliable Cars in Past 5 Years That British Loves To Buy

Buying a car is a collection of multiple decisions. The factors involved in it are, most probably, the price, space, practicality, reliability and its features and gadgets. All these things are involved in making a car buying decision. According to our survey, we recommend one factor that overcomes all the others. And that is the reliability factor. If you are spending the money on such a car, that is good looking, price is good, but it’s not reliable, then you are wasting your money. In this infographic, we have compiled a data based on reliability scores having title, The 5 most reliable cars in UK in the last 5 years. Skoda Yeti is leading the list having the reliability score of 95.71%. The features that add to the reliability score are engine power, transmission, drive options and horsepower. Let’s have a look and rate these cars according to your point of view.

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