5 Reasons Why You Should Own A Designer Bag

Are you thinking about buying a designer bag, but are you not sure if you want to spend $1,000 or more on one fashion item? Or have you already purchased your dream handbag and now you feel guilty about it? We are here to tell you why you are about to make/ you have just made the right choice! We strongly believe that buying handmade bags is justified, as long as you can afford to do that.

Designer Bag

High quality materials cost more
High fashion handbags are not made of low quality cowhide leather, instead they are created from much more expensive materials, such as the exotic skins (crocodile, ostrich, snake) or Italian leather, which is softer and more flexible than typical cowhide. The materials used to create a designer evening bag or handbag are luxurious and significantly increase the cost of producing the bag.

Handmade goods are never cheap
Chain stores and popular brands changed the way we think about fashion. We can easily get a new bag for as little as $30 or less, but we often forget that these bags are so cheap, because they are manufactured in countries, where labor costs are very low and very rarely fair. Ethical shopping means paying a fair price for goods and that means – paying more than we are used to. Educate yourself and the next time your family member or jealous friend starts accusing you of spending a fortune on your bag, ask them what do they know about the working conditions in the place, where their bags were manufactured?

Designer brands improve your image
Let’s say that you are a successful businesswoman – do you think that carrying a $30 laptop bag makes you look more professional? Unfortunately, it is difficult to create a faux leather handbag, which would look just as good as authentic leather and if you have a successful career, your look can have a positive or a negative influence on your achievements. A designer bag is a part of your professional image, therefore it should not be taken lightly.

High fashion items can raise your self-esteem
You probably do not need anyone to tell you that, but having that one exclusive designer item can really make you feel better about yourself. Of course, you should purchase your dream handbag only if you can afford it: borrowing money from friends and family just to get the new Chanel bag will probably give you more headache than pleasure, once you have to start paying back.

designer handbagsYou can always resell
Of all fashion items, designer handbags are known for the highest return on investment – the more limited the volume of the bags is, the more pricey the individual models will become in a few years. The fact, that most designer bags are also very durable, makes the investment even more appealing – with the right care and protection you can buy a $1,500 designer handbag today, use it as much as you want and resell it for $2,500 a few years from now. Seems like one of the most attractive ways of doing business!

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