5 Ways to Decorate Your WFH Office Space

If you work from home, you must have a home office to concentrate on your tasks easily. However, no matter what type of office you have, it is best that you feel comfortable and your office reflects your personality as much as possible. There are a few unique designs that can help you show off your decorating skills and also help you stay focused on your priorities.

Adorn the Walls with Art

If you love art, you can dedicate your home office to the celebration of art! For example, consider using a whole wall dedicated to abstract photography and keeping the others one solid color. Doing this allows the eye to navigate to the art, just like an art gallery. Also, use books and binders on a bookshelf organized by color to create more of an artistic theme in your office. Finally, to stay organized, get sleek furniture and file cabinets to hide away most items, so you keep the room minimalist, and your guests can focus on the art in the room.

Books to Create a Personal Library

If you are a book lover, you may feel comfortable making your home office a library. All you need is tall bookshelves, unique step stools, a few leather chairs, a writing desk, and a comfortable desk chair. In addition, you may want to add an end table with a chess set or a spot for your favorite cup of tea. Finally, consider a wall center where you can drop the mail and leave notes for other home members. This traditional library decor highlights an excellent space for working at home and taking breaks to catch up on your favorite stories. You can also start collecting books, as you now have plenty of space to store them!

Throw Pillows and Blankets for a Cozy Space

If you want to be comfortable because you work long hours at home, consider a comfortable space that allows you to transition to comfortable areas that help you relax while you work. For example, a comfortable couch with throws and throw pillows are excellent with a large ottoman and an executive desk and chair. In addition, plenty of storage will help you keep the room organized and a place where you can focus on your priorities when needed.

Office By Day and Guest Room for Visitors

Many people can not dedicate a whole room to a home office. If you have a space for your guests to sleep, you can transform the space into an office and use it as a guest space when needed. Use a daybed as a couch. You can even find full-size daybeds so you can sleep two people in your guest room. Also, a twin bed with a trundle is a great way to save space. Add the art you like, oversized throw pillows to resemble the back of a couch, a quilt for the bed, and quirky storage baskets and shelves in the closet dedicated to paperwork and other work-related items. Leave them half of the closet for their items, or put your office items in a locking file cabinet when guests come.

Couches and Large Tables

If you have a loft, you can do many things to make it into a home office. Having a low sectional couch and large crafting tables with comfortable bar stools is a great way to hang out and work with your family in the same room. If your family works or does school work in the same space, you may be able to keep everyone organized as you work as well. The large crafting tables provide big spaces for work items, books, laptops, and tablets. The oversized couch is a great space to read and finish up reports while relaxing. You may also want to use something more traditional like a conference table with many chairs, so everyone can efficiently work in the same space. Add shelving for storage! Then decorate the space with calming colors, such as different shades of blue.

Choosing the Right Decor for You

No matter which type of theme or decor you choose for your home office, it is crucial to have it be an environment that allows you to focus well and is also motivating and relaxing. While you may want to have something that looks great in your home, your office is also a place that needs to serve you well, so you don’t have problems working in your space.

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