6 Benefits of Corporate Housing

Whether your extended length travels are for business or for personal reasons, finding fully-furnished and all-inclusive accommodation can be extremely pricey – if you are looking the direction of hotels that is. Furnished apartments with all the amenities and benefits of home included under one fee, cost far less than lengthy hotels stays, and are available for this very purpose, known as corporate housing.
Corporate housing is economical alternative which has many benefits, but these six are the biggies;

1. Corporate Housing is More Like Your Home Than a Hotel Room Is

Hotels are not as comfy as home; although they tend to be much smaller than apartments, they are not exactly cosy. When you need to spend a lot of time away from the comforts of home, you want to stay somewhere that really feels like yours, and corporate housing gives you way more privacy as well.

2. All-inclusive Corporate Housing Fees are More Affordable

While hotels are very pricey and provide itemized bills for every single extra, corporate housing leases are a one fee-covers-all basis, which includes a slew of extras, including lights and water, wifi, office supplies and mail or call forwarding, security or cleaning services in many cases, basic groceries, meal prep in some places, organized events, and many other services that guests of corporate houses typically need.

3. Corporate Apartments are Fully-furnished with Hi-Tech Gear

Unlike hotels which are designed to provide enough basics to get you through a weekend (or week at most), corporate apartments are replete with every gadget and appliance you could possibly need, and their modern furnishings are practical, comfortable, and environmentally friendly.

4. All Amenities and Appliances are Provided and Additional Services are Available

Not only do you have a modern kitchen with all the high end appliances you could need, a great entertainment system and big-screen tv, you also have access to a cleaning service to keep everything in tip-top shape while you focus on what you came into town to do.

5. Corporate Housing Shortens Your Commute

Hotels are usually located to suit the tourists, not the traders, so you may be stuck in a hotel far from the office and slogging through a long daily commute. Corporate housing is typically strategically located to serve the corporate market, which means you are more likely to find a corporate apartment somewhere much closer to work.

6. You Have a Variety of Flexible Lease Terms to Choose From

Corporate housing is very flexible when it comes to lease terms and what you may need on your extended stay out of town. You can negotiate a lower rate for a longer lease term, or opt for a month to month basis – the options vary, and can be tailored according to your preference.

It’s always a good idea to do your homework before committing to any lease with any rent provider. Be sure to research their reputation and read reviews online to find out what you can expect. There are many options available, and not all corporate housing spaces are the same, but as long as you know what you are looking for, you are sure to find something that suits your needs.

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