7 Artsy Hotels Around the World

Arts and tourism are two of the most inseparable buzzwords we often hear these days. While the use of art in the tourism sector is not entirely a new concept, it’s only these past couple of years when the sector put much greater emphasis on art as a way to entice guests.
For hotel developers, using art as a means to appeal to their target market is a serious business. Regardless it’s a million-dollar sculpture occupying a prime position in their property, or a contemporary bedroom mural art commissioned from an underground artist – the hotel industry seems to be locked in a battle with out-art.
In terms of variety, most hotels acquire art pieces that are neutral yet aesthetically-pleasing in order to appeal to the broadest tastes of its clientele. This explains that despite the demand of customers for art-centric hotels, only a few succeed in creating an authentic connection between art and the hotel; for the vast majority of hotels used art as a décor.
By contrast, there are hotels whose art collections is guided by the artistic concept of the hotel and the message or agenda it wants to express. To know the top artsy hotels around the world, check out this infographic from Accent Art and Frame.

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