7 Bucket List Items for Solo Adventurers

Solo travel doesn’t have to be scary. Not having to worry about what someone else wants to do can be incredibly freeing. The list below features fun adventures for fans of city living and of roughing it. No matter what you like to do, traveling alone can be amazing!

New York City

Go to New York in December for Christmas. Go there in the spring for the crisp breeze off the ocean. If possible, choose the sunniest day and walk the island. Stroll around Central Park, grab a pretzel and a coffee or some juice, and head south. Stroll through Hell’s Kitchen and stop at a street market for a keepsake. Feel the sun on your face.
When you get tired, take the train to the Staten Island Ferry and enjoy some time on the water. The entertainment in NYC is top-notch, and it can be free if you’re paying attention.

Stops Along The Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail is 2,200 miles long and can take from 5 to 7 months to hike. Unless you’re a seasoned hiker and a skilled backpacker, this is not a good starter trail. However, you can enjoy part of this trail with the help of a vehicle and a comfy Toyota 4runner roof top tent. For example, there are many spots in the Pennsylvania Poconos where you can easily set up camp, enjoy a few days of peace and quiet, hike part of the trail, and move on. It is recommended that you follow Leave No Trace rules to protect the wilderness.


Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

If your trip to southern California has you breathless in the heat, hop on the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway and climb past 8,000 feet! From the glorious Mt. San Jacinto State Park you can hike, grab lunch, visit the Natural History Museum, or just cool off before you head back down to the valley.

Paint Mines Park

If you’re traveling through Colorado and looking for a chance to stretch your legs, visit the Paint Mines Park near Colorado Springs. This park allows you to enjoy a gentle hike while studying the layers of minerals and clay that were once used by native peoples to create tools, weapons, and decorative objects. The hike is quite short and this is a wonderful spot to bird-watch. Bring water, sunscreen, and a hat; it can get warm when you’re working through the slots in the clay wash.

Pikes Peak

While you’re near Colorado Springs, take the cog rail up to Pikes Peak! Do be aware that the elevation gain can be hard on some folks. Unless you are comfortable and confident as a mountain driver, take the cog rail. Driving up Pikes Peak is certainly possible, but if you get a headache from altitude changes, it can be a tough drive down. Bring a jacket, sunscreen, and your sunglasses; if the sun is out, it will be bright and cold.

Take a Tour of Historic Montgomery

In Montgomery, Alabama you can stand on the concrete slab from which Rosa Parks was arrested while you visit her museum. You can study the altar where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. preached and where plans were laid for the bus boycott. Visit the National Memorial for Peace and Justice. If you love history, Montgomery is the place to be. Consider a drive to the west over to Jackson, Mississippi during a sunset. The delta is breathtaking and the sky fills your windshield.

Dive for Pearls

There are plenty of things for solo travelers to enjoy in the United States. If you have an interest in Australia, start with a trip to Perth and learn to dive! This trip will give you the chance to learn a new skill, enjoy the water and even collect a few pearls. Check out the travel requirements; you may even be able to use an international driving license to try a bit of Australian van life!

Quick, Grab Your Suitcase!

Solo travel can be remarkable. If you’re going camping or planning a road trip, you will want to set up check-ins with friends and family. Even with the best safety gear and all the necessary skills, having someone who knows where you’re supposed to land and at what time can keep you safer.

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