7 IT Myths That Need to Be Confirmed or Busted

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”
This might be one of the most universally accepted axioms in life. Don’t want to get sick? Then eat healthy and rest plenty every day. Don’t want to fall behind on class? Then study your notes everyday. Don’t want your computer to get hacked? Then set up a security solution to be safe.
Unfortunately, many businesses don’t follow this rule when they skip on investing in IT infrastructure because “”they don’t need it yet”” or “”we’re pretty sure we’re not gonna get hacked.”” Part of why many business owners think like this is because of the many IT myths that undermine the importance of a solid technological foundation in the digital age.
What’s more, having a solid IT infrastructure is not just recommended, but a necessary step to comply with data privacy laws that protect the consumer.
If you want to know which IT myths are true and which ones are not, check out the infographic below.
7 IT Myths That Need to Be Confirmed or Busted
Infographic Source: http://transcosmos.co.uk/blog/it-myths-confirmed-busted/

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