72 myths about cars and Engines

Owning a car is not difficult you but when you have one, it comes with responsibilities and liabilities on its drivers to look after it. Usually, new drivers become victims of driving myths like your car warranty will become void if you undertake any kind of maintenance work within the warranty period. But it is a myth and not true, warranty will never become void if you change your car’s oil, fuel or air filters or change its oil but it only will become void when you undertake a major maintenance of engine. New drivers think that they will enjoy good fuel economies with manual gearboxes than automatic. It’s not true, according to BBC Top Gear, today’s CVT and auto transmissions are more fuel economical than manual gearboxes.

  • Filling up in the morning saves more money (Not true)
  • Hiding behind a car will protect you from gunfire (Just a Myth and a movie stunt)
  • Off-brand petrol will hurt your car (Not true)
  • A dirty car is more fuel efficient than a clean one (Not true)
  • Premium fuel makes your ordinary engines run better (Not true)
  • Speed cameras have a 10% tolerance. (Not true)

This infographic is designed to create awareness in the general public and we have collected the myths from all over the world as general rules, some countries might have different situations on several points.

Disclaimer: All the statements are researched and is opinion of experts and apply as a general rule, you should always check your car owner’s manual for any maintenance of your car.

Publisher or creator of this infographic cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage that may have been caused.

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