8 Creative Ways to Use Timber Screens in Your Garden

With countless properties featuring trendy furnishings or landscaped yards, you may be wondering how you can switch things up in your own garden to make it stand out. Of course, you can get laser-cut metal screens or exotic bamboo rods if their charm is just what your backyard needs. However, if you’re looking for something classy, sustainable, and customizable, you’ll want to strongly consider timber screens for your garden.
With their organic texture and extensive range of options, timber screens can perfectly match any property. You can find screens built with pine, kempas, and teak, as well as clear finishes or tinted stains in all the colors of the rainbow. At the same time, there are countless ways you can install timber screens to complete your garden! Update the look of a dated facade, grow some bluebell creepers and clematis vines for a romantic aura, or make your backyard match your indoor spaces.
Considering a timber screen for your property yet? To get a clearer picture of how versatile these screens can be, take a look at this infographic. This guide lists down 8 creative ideas for using timber screens in your garden, including several tips and suggestions to make the most of your stylish new purchase.
8 Creative Ways to Use Timber Screens in Your Garden
Infographic Source: https://houseofbamboo.com.au/8-ways-use-timber-screens-in-garden/

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