8 Fundamentals on How to Feng Shui your Bedroom

Feng shui is an ancient philosophy that is believed to have originated from China more than 3,000 years ago. It serves as a system for channelling positive energy into every aspect of life.
However, contrary to what the sceptics think, there’s simply more to feng shui than placing a bagua in your front doors or burning incense on the altars. In fact, this belief incorporates everything within your home – from the main door, interior design down to the placement of your furniture – to create the best qi energy that will bring prosperity, security and comfort in your dwelling.
While it seems difficult to adhere to this philosophy and its system, the guidelines to creating a good feng shui is actually simple. In this infographic, Macey & Moore, a trusted provider of Pure French Linen beddings in Sydney, is breaking down the 8 fundamentals on how to feng shui your bedroom.
8 Fundamentals on How to Feng Shui your Bedroom
Infographic Source: https://www.macey.store/blogs/news/8-fundamentals-on-how-to-feng-shui-your-bedroom

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