8 Overlooked Work Site Safety Practices

No matter how unfortunate it might sound, let’s face it. There can be a lot of precautionary measures that can be easily applied in order to avoid certain hazards that can threaten any person inside a workplace, but it doesn’t necessarily guarantee absolute safety. This is most probably due to several factors such as uncertainties and neglecting to follow some basic work site safety practices.
One thing all companies must never forget is that other than focusing their priorities on increasing productivity, it is also just as equally important to ensure the safety of anyone within the premises of their workplace. This also includes other things such as maintaining their positive physical and mental well-being.
Speaking about the overlooked work site safety practices, below are eight of the most notable examples:

  1. Awareness – Failure of being aware of the basic safety practices
  2. Stress Management – Limiting or even reducing everything that stresses an employee.
  3. Effective Communication – Good exchange of information amongst employees is a must.
  4. Physical Fitness – This helps augment the productivity of an employee.
  5. Mishandling Volatile Materials – Proper education about the right way of handling materials that can pose a danger inside the workplace.
  6. Minimizing Worksite Distractions – Limiting the use of anything that can distract the employee from doing his or her tasks.
  7. Innovation – Upgrading all resources to the current conformities of modern technology.
  8. Maintaining Transparency – Avoiding the cover-ups of accidents.

To learn more about these safety practices, take a look at the infographic below created and designed by Progressive Safety Equipment:

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