9 Team Roles to Maximize Your Projects’ Success

Good teamwork is imperative when it comes to successful projects. Project managers need to possess the skill of identifying the appropriate traits and psychological attributes of their employees, in order to form balanced and efficient teams.
British management theorist Meredith Belbin identified a commonality in successful projects during his extensive research: they all cover the same nine roles.
These roles can be categorized into three groups: thought-oriented roles, action-oriented roles, and people-oriented roles.
By covering all of these groups and their respective roles, the team contains the right mix and inter dependencies for success. Market Inspector UK created an infographic outlining each of the nine roles, as well as their respective strengths and allowable weaknesses.
A team with these roles is balanced and efficient, as one person’s weakness can be balanced with another person’s strength. For example, the resource investigator’s tendency to lose motivation quickly is balanced with the shaper’s ability to provide the necessary drive and motivation to keep the team focused.
While not every team requires nine members (as one person can cover 2-3 roles), every individual must bring something unique to the table. Everyone must add value to the overall group, in order to maximize the teams potential, and ultimately maximize the project’s success.
9 Team Roles to Maximize Your Projects' Success
Infographic Source: https://www.market-inspector.co.uk/blog/2017/09/maximise-your-projects-success

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