A Categorization of Fountain Pen Inks

A fantastic fountain pen ink infographic for finding which ink best suits your type of writing. Whether that be water resistant ink, a permanent ink, or a fast drying ink! Inks truly makes a world of difference in writing. They can change the mood of a paper or the feel of the one. Inks can change the landscape based on the color, whether they are brighter more flurouscent like a pink. Or a more professional color such as black. The fun part of inks is how they are customizable! Sure a ink may come in the color of black, but the shades and variations of the black can vary greatly! Making it easy for you to find a ink that specifically suits your style! Fountain pens are also ideal since inks can be switched out in a whim. So you can change from outling or drawing, to writing in an instant!
Fountain Pen Inks
Infographic Source: https://www.penchalet.com/blog/fountain-pen-inks-infographic/

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